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How to Select an RSS News Aggregator

While many have resisted the urge to decipher the meaning behind the acronym RSS, the vast majority of technically knowledgeable online surfers have begun incorporating RSS into their daily routines. Why go through the hassle of understanding something new, the novice might want to know? Because it saves time, and time is a precious commodity these days.

The contents of an RSS feed can be read any number of ways. A variety of tools, both fee based and free, to read RSS feeds are available on the Internet.

When determining what RSS feed reader to download, thought should be given to security. More an more publishers are using RSS feeds as a way to deliver podcasts or media rich-content. Users of desktop software will want to find an RSS reader that allows for rich media to be delivered safely and securely.

Web surfers might want to give thought to another consideration of cross compatibility and synchronization. With the advances in RSS readers, many subscribers use multiple platforms to read their feeds. While this is convenient, if the the web surfer is not using a synchronized solution, they find themselves marking the same feed items read multiple times.

These days, aggregators are available in all shapes and sizes. Determine what type of RSS reader you would like to use to aggregate and manage your RSS feeds.

1. Desktop RSS Reader Software

A number of desktop RSS readers are available for download from the Internet. Many desktop readers allow subscribers to categorize and group their RSS feeds. Many users find it helpful to segregate personal and business feeds.

examples include:


Active Web Reader -

2. Web Based RSS Aggregator

Web based RSS news aggregators are accessible via any computer that has Internet access using a login and password. Web based readers are particularly useful to individuals who travel frequently.

examples include:

MyYahoo -

BlogLines -

NewsGator -

3. Browser Plug In

RSS readers are now being incorporated into newer versions of web browsers. In addition many popular browsers have third party tools that expand their functionality to incorporate RSS feeds.

Examples include:

Firefox Sage - []

Internet Explorer FeedScout -

4. Email RSS Reader

A handful of popular email clients have add on modules that allow users to manage their RSS feeds in their existing email client.

Examples include:

Newsgator Inbox -

5. Mobile RSS Readers

As the world becomes remote, mobile RSS readers are becoming increasingly popular. Surfers on the run appreciate receiving content updates remotely.

example include:

Mobile RSS Reader -

FreeRange -

Once you have a news reader setup, you will need to populate it with RSS feeds. Website visitors, subscribe to RSS feeds by adding the URL of the feed to their RSS reader or aggregator. Many publishers use orange boxes or buttons marked RSS or XML to signify that an RSS feed exists for a website. In order to discover the URL of the RSS feed simply click the icon. Do not panic if as a result of your click, you see a page that contains code that makes little sense. Simply add the URL to the RSS reader. The RSS reader will decipher the code and display the feed's content in a format that is easily readable.

Some websites have added chicklets or icons for popular news readers to make subscriptions very easy. In those cases, you will see a subscription button for specific RSS readers, simply click the icon that corresponds with your RSS reader and the feed will appear in your RSS reader. Some desktop aggregators and integrated readers will automatically detect that an RSS feed is available on a website. The RSS reader will pop up and ask if you wish to subscribe to the RSS feed.

While it does require initial effort to setup a solution for aggregating and reading RSS feeds, users find that it saves a lot of time in the long run. Determine what solution best meets your RSS needs and begin aggregating information.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home Decoration with Marble and Granite Products

Use of marble and granite in construction of large buildings is very popular since ancient times. However nowadays people are more interested in using these products for their home construction. It is not a very common trend in Real Estate industry also to include different marble products in construction, flooring as well as interior decoration.

Some popular products made of marble, granite and other natural stones, beings used these days in construction of modern homes are marble staircase, marble and granite columns, granite countertops, and marble tiles (popularly used in flooring).

Marble and Granite columns are being used widely in real estate construction. These columns provide a different look to homes due to their attractive and vibrant look. At the same time they provide durability due to their rough and tough nature. These marble and granite columns are more stable and resistive in nature to hazards than normal cemented columns. At first you may think that using marble or granite columns are expensive but in real they are cost effective in long run. You don't have to worry about their coloring and maintenance, as they are naturally beautiful. You just have to maintain the lovely carving done on these marvelous piece of marbles.

One more thing that is getting on top in popularity is marble staircases. Now people are not only serious about the beautification of their living room and bedrooms, but also for all other portions of their homes including stairs, bathrooms and rooftops. You can see use of marble in stairs as well as staircases. Nowadays using different molded marble products in construction of staircases are very common.

This is not the end of using marble products. There are few sections where different marble and granite products are ruling. Like in countertops section one can't ignore the dominance of marble and granite counter tops. They are being used in all commercial as well as domestic purposes. Every modular kitchen is incomplete without use of beautiful granite countertops. These are not only helpful in increasing the beauty of kitchens but also easier in maintenance. Flooring is another section where marbles are leading. Nothing can compete with the beauty of marble flooring. Therefore if you are also planning construction of your home, you should give serious thoughts over different marble products.
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2014 World of Warcraft Guide

Online gamers must already know World of Warcraft. With more than 11.5 million subscribers around the world, World of Warcraft is the leader in MMORPG. Why is it so famous and so successful? The main reason is that it is very accessible and straightforward. World of Warcraft is easy to play, even for someone who has little or no experience at all playing online game. Most newbie wouldn't have a hard time to getting started.

When you first bought World of Warcraft game, it came in 4 discs. Then you need to install the game to your computer. Don't worry. Installing this game is easy. After you install the game, the next step would be to create a game account. Connect to the internet and signup at World of Warcraft website. For signup and subscription, you need to pay the subscription fee around US$19.95 per month. But for the first month, it's usually free of charge. Most World of Warcraft CD game already consists of free subscription fee for 1st month. When you subscribe to World of Warcraft, you can choose to pay monthly, three-monthly and six-monthly. Believe me. Money is not an issue when you play World of Warcraft since the game is so much fun.

World of Warcraft operates through a series of servers. In World of Warcraft, we call these servers as "Realms". World of Warcraft has many realms around the world. Why did it need so many realms? This is to make online gamers which scattered all over the world, can just easily connect to the nearest realms. Thus making the game more reliable and faster. And in the end, making World of Warcraft more enjoyable to play. Another reason why WoW is very famous to online gamers.

Azeroth is the name of the world where World of Warcraft events took place. Azeroth is a unique world, quite similar to our planet Earth, but has its own unique history, myths and off course unique creatures. After creating Azeroth, it is said the ancient gods then gave rise to the earliest races on the planet. With its own forests, oceans, rivers, mountains, cities, caverns, dungeons, Azeroth is an interesting place to have an adventure. Just like our beloved Earth, Azeroth has gone through pain and experience much trouble. It also has gone through great wars and conflict.

The Azeroth's world in World of Warcraft in general divide into three huge continents. The inhabitants of the three continents is not what you would find on Earth. The first continent is the Eastern Kingdom. The inhabitants are humans, gnomes and dwarfs. They are known as The Alliance. The second continent is Kalimdor. Orcs, taurens, and trolls inhabited this great continent. They are known as The Horde. The last huge continent is Northrend where the evil and wicked Lich King rules. Other than unique inhabitant race for each continent, each also has unique climate.

Blizzard Entertainment has build Azeroth as a vast world. It's huge with so many area to explore and making the game more exciting since you always find some new places for an adventure. Although you need to explore a vast world, it's easy, even for newbie, to understand the game. In World of Warcraft, you need to choose whether you're going to play as the Alliance or the Horde. The Alliance is fast, agile but weak in physical strength. The Horde is powerful, physically strong but slow. Choose wisely the character that suits you. There's no evil or good side here. You get to decide if you're going to be an evil or good character.

As in other MMORPG, you get to create and design your own unique character. You get to customize the clothing, armor, weapon, and other accessories. In World of Warcraft, you are able to choose from nine different type of classes for your character. Some of the classes type are hunter, rogue, shaman, warrior and mage. Each classes has their own unique ability, strength and skills. Combine the classes with your group of choice (the Alliance or the Horde) and create a powerful combination. Maybe all of these, choosing group and then choosing classes, sound difficult for someone with little or zero experience in MMORPG. But trust me when I say it's not as hard as it explain. You'll find it easier when you try playing the game.

The objective of playing World of Warcraft is to explore new places, developing your character while fighting monsters or other player. Every level you need to play in this game has their own interesting area for exploration. While you explore the vast world of Azeroth, along the way you will find many items. The items can then be used to strengthen your character or you can also sell or trade them. Gold is the main currency in Azeroth. Collect gold as much as you can. With gold you can buy precious items, upgrade your armors and weapons. But off course, playing MMORPG will be no fun if you don't have anything to fight with. In your adventure, you can fight monsters and savage creatures. Sometimes fighting monsters is the only way for you to progress in this game.
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Long Distance Relationships Tips

Have you ever come across someone who just kept saying that a long distance relationship would not work no matter how hard you try? It even sounds more familiar when he/she ends the conversation with the universal phrase such as "I know it because I saw lots of failed LDR" If you choose to listen to this kind of comment, then you choose to fail in your long distance relationship because you will never be able to survive your LDR. The reason is simple, you choose to listen to the wrong command or choose to believe the wrong concept.

I truly believe that everyone in this world have their own opinion which is best to them all the time. What they think is true to them because they are capable of thinking only the true thing. I don't blame them because they are true at least in their own little world. It is all up to us to believe what is said or we can choose to believe that every outcome is at our own hand. Let me tell you this, you can completely determine your own outcome when it comes to a long distance relationship. How you think what you do can really determine the result of your LDR. If you choose to believe that you can determine the outcome of your long distance relationship, then your LDR journey will becomes easier or more predictable.

Below are some examples of the positive choices you can make in relation to your long distance relationship.

1) Believe in Yourself, Your Partner and the Relationship

Throughout the period of a long distance relationship, nothing beats the trust and believes you had in yourself, your partner and the relationship. You can prepare yourself whatever you want but if you do not believe that your long distance relationship will work then, nothing matters anymore. Therefore, you must choose to believe that the relationship will work regardless of all the odds mounting against your relationship.

2) Set Back is a Way to Strengthen your Relationship

There are no such things as a perfect romantic relationship and needless to say when it comes to long distance relationships. Set back is part and parcel of a relationship but how you tune yourself to see the set back is very important. You can choose to see it negatively or positively and the outcome (solutions) derived from what you choose can determine the course of your relationship. Therefore, instead of viewing the set back as a hindrance or threat to your long distance relationship, you must view it as an opportunity for you to strengthen the relationship.

3) You can Choose to Win or Lose

It is our nature to see only the negative side of everything due to lack of self confidence and uncertainties. We do not blame you for having this thought as most of the couples in long distance relationship we work with, expressed the same concern. However do you know that the success rate for long distance relationship couples is as good as any other relationship? Research has proven that the success rate for long distance relationship is as high as 85%. With this data, you can choose to be in the positive 85% or choose to stay in the failure 15%. Therefore if you are serious about your long distance relationship, you must put yourself among the success 85%.

4) Opportunity in Distance

Physical distance in a long distance relationship is not necessary bad to the relationship. Although physical distance prevents you from certain physical activities such as hand holding, kissing, hugging and sex, it does not prevent you from advancing further into the relationship. The physical distance is a good opportunity for you to rediscover the relationship and yourself. You can always take the opportunity to upgrade yourself while your partner is away such as taking up the courses that you have always wanted to take and etc. In fact the distance will also test your patience, the love you had for your partner and as well as the integrity of the relationship itself. Therefore, instead of focusing on what you cannot do over the distance, you can always focus on what you can do to improve your relationship from the distance. What you choose here could really determine whether you are happy or not throughout your long distance relationship.

5) Problem in Communication.

Communication is one of the biggest elements that could either make or break your long distance relationship. Unfortunately, many people believe that they are not going to make it when it comes to communication due to the difficulties, time and cost involve. Instead of looking at the problems, you can always think of the opportunity that comes along. The biggest opportunity here is to learn how to communicate effectively over the distance. The valuable skill cannot be learned anywhere else as distance will automatically sharpen your conversation skill. If you start to think carefully, all other problem mentioned earlier can be solved easily with current available technology (Internet, VOIP phone, email and etc). Therefore, it is proven again that you have the ability to choose what is best for you in regards to long distance communication.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Go Green , Recycle Wood

Recycling is the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products. Many people are familiar with the concepts of recycling basic household items such as plastic, glass and newspapers. In today's ever changing world the need for more recycling outside of these three products is growing exponentially. One resource that can be easily recycled but is often overlooked when it comes to creating a greener world is wood. There are several creative ways that you can go about recycling wood that can save you money while saving the earth at the same time.

An important aspect when it comes to recycling wood is that you need to be extra careful when taking removing any wood products from a home or office. This process is known as "deconstructing" and focuses on taking extra precautions to save as much of the wood as possible. Say you were looking to get rid of some wood furniture in your house but did not want to sell it. Would you just go in there with a sledge hammer and bust up all the wood into tiny little pieces? No, you would want to take apart the furniture carefully so that you will be left with large, workable pieces of wood that you can use in a future project. It would be silly to just smash up all of the wood that you have and send it off to a landfill.

Another creative way that many businesses can help recycle wood is to reuse any wood pallets that they have lying around. Most stores will receive their product shipments on large wood pallets. After a business removes their products from these pallets they do not have much use for them and generally just throw them away. Because of this wasteful behavior there is a great opportunity to recycle this wood. Many of the companies that deliver these goods around the country will often times pick up any old wood pallets that other companies have lying around. This is a great way to recycle these old wood pallets and will help save the delivery company some money in the process since they do not have to buy new pallets.

While most people are familiar with recycling they are probably familiar with only recycling the big three products of glass, plastic and newspaper. There are many other items that can be recycled we just need to think outside of the box to do so. Recycling wood is a great example of another item that can be recycled but will need some unique ideas to do so.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Project Tips

I am always talking about diy projects because if you own your home, you can do most things yourself to improve it. But, there are jobs that come along that you can't do. That's when you need to hire a contractor.

But, contractors aren't always reliable or honest. It's great if you can find a contractor someone you trust refers to you. But, that's not always the case. Most people have to go rummaging through the phonebook or do a search online to find a contractor. When you have to do that, you never know what you are going to get.

So, there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself. Make sure you stick to your guns when you are talking to a contractor. The scam artists are good salespeople and they are gifted in the art of changing your mind from what you know you should do to what they want you to do.

First of all, if a contractor comes to your door offering you a service, take that as your first clue. Now, sometimes they can be very upfront and are only trying to spread awareness. So, you can't be too skeptical. Just be very cautious.

Do the same thing you would do to the doctor and let them know you want a second opinion. Take a card and tell them you will get a hold of them if you do in fact need the service. You'll find out one of two things at that point. The honest contractor won't mind one bit while the scam artist will find a way out of that conversation quick.

Second of all, get a contract for any work any contractor is going to do for you. Make sure you get to see it in writing and that you get a chance to discuss terms. Again, an honest contractor won't mind while a scam artist will find a way to be gone.

Third of all, make sure everything is spelled out in detail before you sign. The bottom line of what it will cost is something you have to watch for when dealing with scam artists. Make sure that the price you see is the final price, no hidden fees or anything else to pay. Also, make sure you have start and finish dates, contractor information and that the contractor has signed the contract.

Finally, never pay the full amount upfront. You can expect to pay about a third of the total project for the contractor to begin work. But, there should be a payment schedule put in place with milestones. When the contractor reaches a certain milestone, then you can expect to pay another portion of the entire job.

These are just a few tips to keep yourself safe from scam artists. There are plenty of honest contractors out there who will do a great job for you. Just make sure you do your research, follow what you know is right and be alert for any signs that a scam artist is trying to take your hard earned money.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Project Success Tips

For some reason when I use the word merchant the image that comes to mind is an old ship loaded with spices carrying its cargo to exotic destinations. The term merchant however pertains to anyone whose occupation is the wholesale purchase and retail sale of goods for the purposes of making a profit. The words merchant and merchandise come from the Latin word mercari meaning "to trade."

Whether you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiast or a trade customer choosing a reliable reclaimed builder merchant to supply your stock and building needs is a critical decision. Besides a friendly and approachable service the builders merchant should also be knowledgeable and efficient and understand the needs of building professionals.

Awareness of deadlines, budgets and appropriate reclaimed building products are crucial for your project to succeed and your merchant should be sensitive to these needs as well. Other practical considerations when choosing a merchant would include:

1. Sufficient stock holding of reclaimed building materials.
2. Easy access loading areas for collections
3. Good quality reclaimed building materials
4. Reasonable pricing that is also competitive and
5. Reliable and fast delivery services

However before you select a reclaimed builders merchant for your DIY project there are some questions that you should pose to yourself and preferably supply the answers as well. Here are the top 3 starter questions:

1. What is this project about and where is my plan? Knowing that you want to renovate your bathroom with reclaimed tiles and vintage fittings is a start but drawing out the plan and listing the steps involved will assist you in understanding the scale of the work, where there are details you are not sure about and also allow you to explain it to your suppliers. Your plan should also specify whether building permits or inspections will be required and whether any utilities will be involved.

2. How long should this project take? Part of the project plan should specify the time-frames involved and whether you have a specific deadline in mind e.g. before your Mother-in-law arrives for her next visit. Looking at the time available will also determine whether the project is feasible given your skill set and whether additional assistance will be required.

3. What is the budget for this project and can I afford it? Once you have your plan you can estimate the building materials, tools and labour costs involved not to mention leaving some leeway for miscellaneous or unplanned costs. At this point it may also be useful to consult others using or living in the space to see whether they would prefer to get a professional to do the work.
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